Windows 10 – Finally Microsoft Fixed Security Breaches And Vulnerabilities


“Windows 10 security include improvements in the years to eliminate or extenuate the long-term problems with the Windows vulnerabilities”

There are always a conflict among people that when or how to upgrade to the latest version of Windows, but Microsoft says that they have took security seriously in the Windows 10 OS. How serious? One quick way to estimate this is to look at issues such as unsafe file sharing and the lack of security features such as firewall, malware protection and encryption, which is raised here in 2008, and then compare them with the current Windows state 10 security. Some of the most common Windows vulnerabilities have been disappointing security experts for many years. Now that Windows 10, also known as “the latest version of Windows” is gaining momentum, it is time to reconsider the pros and cons to analyze how well Microsoft has addressed them, or even if has to.

File share permissions that give all to everyone

Microsoft made it so easy to share files with Windows XP, users who mis-configured their systems is often found that hackers in public Wi-Fi networks have get access to all their data. Despite of the fact that addressing the security vulnerabilities of Windows, it seemed simple, the problem is followed by Windows Vista and saved with questions File Sharing in Windows 7 and beyond. Unfortunately, all too often, “All groups” is given full access to all files in the system. Bad decisions harder to make new for Windows 10 security features, which include several warnings before exposing the shared files on untrusted networks. Moreover, permission to share files by default is set to allow access only to authorized users Windows on the host system, and the default read-only access. However, errors are likely to continue to be made. If the user mis-configures system and makes bad decisions, they may inadvertently expose themselves to risk. There’s only so much for Windows, you can do there to prevent it. More importantly, the improved data protection is now available as part of Windows stack, including encryption and Bitlocker management system.

Use of Microsoft Bitlocker

However Microsoft is using this feature in window Vista & 7 but it was only available with Ultimate or Enterprise version. Now with the upgraded version Windows 10 Billocker is available for everyone. So in this addition data is more secure with full drive encryption.


The absence of anti-virus and firewall protection

Anti-virus and spyware software programs such as disabled and not installed at all with no one knowing about the problem, and the lack of protection of personal firewall. The other main security controls that have not yet been included in many Windows systems. Many of these systems vulnerable Windows likely were uncorrected version XP and older. Microsoft did include a personal firewall protection with Windows XP, but it was not turned on by the user, until finally, after the attack of Blaster and Sasser worm and then, Microsoft has included it as the default in XP SP2 (2004). Even then, Windows Firewall is only secure incoming connections, and also due to filtration problems in corporate networks, many organizations have decided to postpone, rather than expand it. 

Lessons are always forced to be learned, so Microsoft is aligned with the version of Windows Firewall in Windows 7, starting from the disconnection detection network in public networks and provide better integration with the operating system, and the addition of advanced controls for small shops and businesses. With the improvement, supplied in Windows 8, some firewall vendors of third-party manufacturers have even started their own cooperative products on the module base firewall, rather than try to duplicate their functions independently.

Updates Replaced Windows Patches

Now no more patches for Windows recent operating system. It was also a big vulnerability in Windows Os that it releases patches to maintain, rectify or include new things but Microsoft start to take initiative since Windows 98 and now it is completely free from patches in window 10. if needed in future, Microsoft will provide updates for Windows 10 operating system. If the user is facing the problem in registry files of personal computer then visit

Windows Mobile OS Related vulnerabilities

With the current Windows mobile version potentially impressing billions of users on this mobile platform. Windows 10 OS based smartphone are well benefited and more secure from hackers and messes related on vulnerabilities. Windows 10 is effectively designed after a learning about vulnerabilities from a decade. Microsoft have been patching stuffs almost in real time through Windows updates. It is also a considerable factor that Microsoft has enhanced security in Mobile OS which grows more protection ability for contents without any data loss. In another words you can say that Microsoft Windows 10 is a much safer operating system for both PC and smartphones as long as the user maintain it up to date.

Watch the video to repair severely damaged or corrupted QuickBooks data file from Windows OS:

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