TrueCrypt Ransomware Encryption – Prevention and TrueCrypt Removal Tips


About TrueCrypt File Encryption

TrueCrypt encrypts files on computers but not in favor of computer users for general security purpose or protection of files. It is a malicious program which raise a demand of ransom against encrypted files. After infiltrate into targeted computer, TrueCrypt Ransomware uses transparent On-The-Fly encryption of files in respect of FDE (Full Disk Encryption) scenario. It means, the ransomware infection encrypt all file stored on victims computer as plain text data and store in a common container. Thereafter the ransomware change entire file contents in ciphertext-data. So it can make all your file inaccessible because operating system and software applications can’t access your saved files under TrueCrypt layers. TrueCrypt Ransomware uses RSA – 2048 file encryption algorithm with public and private keys. The users on infected computer need private keys to decrypt files on their computer. To provide RSA decryption keys, the ransomware demands certain amount upto $400 in bitcoins. Cyber criminals behind this TrueCrypt Ransomware have utilized very safe and secure procedure to receive ransomware payment which can’t be tracked. So users can’t claim against payment of ransom against providing decryption keys. To discuss about TrueCrypt ransomware you may visit

Prevention Against TrueCrypt Ransomware Encryption

So many cases has been found, when cyber criminals behind TrueCrypt Ransomware refused to provide the key for file decryption after receiving payment in bitcoins on specified bitcoin address. Means to say that it is not guaranteed that payment of ransom is an absolute solution for file encryption on your computer by TrueCrypt Ransomware. Moreover it boost evil intentions and encourage cyber criminals to develop more dangerous malware infection and serve them on the computers of Internet users for quick money making. However, no any security program and decrypt files but you can use alternative solutions. Sometimes the user is want to Get Rid of System Healer Virus From computer then suggest them that remove this virus quickly. You can stop anymore file encryption on your computer by removing TrueCrypt Ransomware from your computer and thereafter try data recovery tool in order to restore files in original format. To prevent your computer from infection and file encryption by TrueCrypt ransomware you can employ following preventive measures. For detailed prevention steps :

  • Counter-encryption
  • Backup
  • Use the Cloud
  • Go spam free
  • No porn
  • Keep up to date
  • Anti-virus

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Watch the video to repair corrupt or damaged photos due to TrueCrypt Ransomware virus attack:

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