How To Delete Vulkaninfo.exe Trojan Infection From PC


What is Vulkaninfo.exe?

Anti virus program on your computer may not detect Vulkaninfo.exe as a threat because the same file name is used by Nvidia, Intel, AMD driver update depending on the GPU on your computer system. It can be considered as an additional component for graphical applications used by Vulkan SDK. On its official website, Vulkan state to be modern graphics platform and API.

Vulkaninfo.exe Trojan virus has recently appeared on many Windows computers as an additional stand-alone application, but the same file name part of Nvidia graphics drivers. Such components are referred to as an API (application programming interface). API-interfaces are a set of routines, protocols and tools for building software applications. They determine how software components interact and are used to develop a graphical user interface (GUI) component. Vulkan SDK is a new, low level API designed to make computer games work even better, and this is the reason why all of the major brands include GPU owners in their driver updates.

Vulkaninfo may harm your computer?

If you have recently upgraded the graphics drivers from un untrusted website or download bundled stuffs or open any Spam email with malicious attachment and Vulkaninfo.exe appeared in the Start menu then it may possible that the file program is malicious and you should take immediate action to delete vulkaninfo.exe. Typically, when you run a virus scan, anti-virus software does not detect any malicious code in this component. What you will find annoying, that vulkaninfo.exe established on your computer without your consent and causing interference into operations on your computer. If the users system is infected by the RDN/YahLover.worm!055BCCAC9FEC Virus then removes it quickly. It is also possible that there may be new malicious program that hides under the same name or inside Vulkaninfo.exe. If the executable file contains digital signature by LunarG then it is legit and may not harm your computer but if not, then you certainly have reasons for malicious concern. If you are finding symptoms of malicious attack such rapid slow down and degraded performance, display of error messages, interrupted and slow Internet access without any reason, web redirection on questionable websites etc. then must use any advance scanner to detect and remove Vulkaninfo.exe Trojan infection from your computer.

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