How PST File Size Matters In Loss Of E-Mails – Outlook PST Recovery

Are you getting problems with degraded performance of Outlook? Or you are receiving error massage like “.pst reached the maximum size limit”, then you should check your .pst file size. At this stage, your Outlook PST  file become unstable and this can lead to pst corruption. So you can lose your e-mails and other saved contents in Outlook database. In this situation you need to split PST file to resolve the PST file size issue and make your MS Outlook is faster and safer.

However Microsoft tried to solve this issue in the current version of Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013 by increasing file size limit to 50 GB (More information on – but limitation of PST file is still causes errors while uses in wide area network uses where it has numerous of users. Also users of earlier version of Outlook still facing problems concerns with PST file size where it is not larger than 2 GB or 4 GB and needed to break over sized PST files into small segments. This is the best way to speed up Microsoft Outlook and save the data from corruption.


Although Outlook appears as a best application of Microsoft Office family that is very popular and used widely for mailing purposes by individuals or at organizational level. despite of it does not provide a built-in tool to split PST file. To perform this operation you can use any reliable third-party software. But Sometime users may face PST corruption due to over sized database with a little delay in take appropriate step that is splitting .pst file. It may possible that the user received such errors due to other unidentified reasons as mentioned below :

  • Abruptly Shutdown or Termination of Outlook : If you are working with Outlook application and system goes shut down due to power surge or any other interruption, then the corruption can be possible.
  • Incompatible Extension : When a conflict occur with incompatible browser extension.
  • Harware or Software Malfunction : If your hard disk have any abnormality like bad sectors or any other malfunction then due to data loss PST corruption take place.
  • Human Errors : When a user unknowingly delete any related file then Outlook fails to work.
  • Incomplete Updates : Abnormal cancellation during updating MS Outlook 2003.

In above mentioned cases of PST corruption you can use an inbuilt Inbox Repair Tool that is also popular among Outlook users as “Scanpst.exe”. It comes with the package of MS office and you can locate this tool in your computer at “drive:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MSMAPI\LocaleID folder”, where LocaleID is the locale identifier (LCID) for the installation of Microsoft Office. If you didn’t have install it with complete package then go to the authorized website and download scanpst.exe at no coast. For more details about Outlook errrors and rectification you may visit –

Watch the video to know more about Outlook PST Recovery Tool:

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