Patty Reynolds

TrueCrypt Ransomware Encryption – Prevention and TrueCrypt Removal Tips

About TrueCrypt File Encryption TrueCrypt encrypts files on computers but not in favor of computer users for general security purpose or protection of files. It is a malicious program which raise a demand of ransom against encrypted files. After infiltrate into targeted computer, TrueCrypt Ransomware uses transparent On-The-Fly encryption of files in respect of FDE (Full Disk Encryption) scenario. It means, the ransomware infection encrypt all file stored on victims

Mac OS X El Capitan New features, Issues and Fix Updates

“In this article we will look at the features that come with OS X in El Capitan, so you know what to expect. We also look at the various issues people have with the current operating system and suggested fixes for them, and also discuss issues with latest Mac OS X El Capitan updates.“ Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan updates, and fixes the problem Mac OS X 10,11 El Capitan is

Xara vulnerability, stealing passwords in OS X And ​​iOS

What is XARA? IT security researchers released information detailing the combination of exploits that would allow someone to steal passwords of user in his ICloud keychain and intercept data shared between applications. Disadvantages associated with unauthorized access of resources of cross-application. This is referred as XARA (Cross-app Resource Attack) as a result of the use of adequately secure coding techniques that affect both the iOS and OS X. A team

Windows 10 - Finally Microsoft Fixed Security Breaches And Vulnerabilities

“Windows 10 security include improvements in the years to eliminate or extenuate the long-term problems with the Windows vulnerabilities” There are always a conflict among people that when or how to upgrade to the latest version of Windows, but Microsoft says that they have took security seriously in the Windows 10 OS. How serious? One quick way to estimate this is to look at issues such as unsafe file sharing