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TeslaCrypt 4.1b Latest Money Making Machine For Cyber Crooks

What is TeslaCrypt 4.1b? TeslaCrypt 4.1b Ransomware has been recently launched by cyber criminals to generate illegal profits. It encrypts all system files, including media files, documents, presentations, and many other vital folders. All files will be blocked, and asks you to pay a ransom to unlock the files. The message is to demand ransom money will appear in the text or on the web pages you visit. It has

How To Delete Vulkaninfo.exe Trojan Infection From PC

What is Vulkaninfo.exe? Anti virus program on your computer may not detect Vulkaninfo.exe as a threat because the same file name is used by Nvidia, Intel, AMD driver update depending on the GPU on your computer system. It can be considered as an additional component for graphical applications used by Vulkan SDK. On its official website, Vulkan state to be modern graphics platform and API. Vulkaninfo.exe Trojan virus has recently

Mazar BOT Andrioid malware To Erase Your Smartphone

Mazar Bot is discovered as a new Android malware that spreads via SMS. It is designed with such malicious codes which allow it to read incoming SMS and also capable to replay or send messages by itself. The android malware can make calls to number saved in phone-book, destruct the Chrome, use Internet or any other network, read contents on phone and delete mobile contents completely. Security researchers of Heimdal Security have