May 2016

Know How To Transfer Old iPad Data To New iPad

So you just upgrade yourself from old iPad to a brand new iPad, and you want all the important data that is saved in old iPad to your brand new iPad. So you started transferring old iPad data one by one to brand new iPad. Actually this is a time taking process and you have not enough time to do this. But you still want to transfer old iPad data

How PST File Size Matters In Loss Of E-Mails – Outlook PST Recovery

Are you getting problems with degraded performance of Outlook? Or you are receiving error massage like “.pst reached the maximum size limit”, then you should check your .pst file size. At this stage, your Outlook PST  file become unstable and this can lead to pst corruption. So you can lose your e-mails and other saved contents in Outlook database. In this situation you need to split PST file to resolve

TeslaCrypt 4.1b Latest Money Making Machine For Cyber Crooks

What is TeslaCrypt 4.1b? TeslaCrypt 4.1b Ransomware has been recently launched by cyber criminals to generate illegal profits. It encrypts all system files, including media files, documents, presentations, and many other vital folders. All files will be blocked, and asks you to pay a ransom to unlock the files. The message is to demand ransom money will appear in the text or on the web pages you visit. It has

Petya Ransomware  Returned With Failsafe MISCHA Ransomware

Petya Ransomware Returned With Failsafe MISCHA Ransomware Ransomware are a kind of malicious software which infiltrate into targeted computers and limit users to access their own saved files on the computer system. The ransomware viruses are being developed by evil software developers and expert cyber criminals to force victims to pay an amount of money in Bitcoins on TOR payment sites. Petya + Mischa Ransomware also ties in this series

TrueCrypt Ransomware Encryption – Prevention and TrueCrypt Removal Tips

About TrueCrypt File Encryption TrueCrypt encrypts files on computers but not in favor of computer users for general security purpose or protection of files. It is a malicious program which raise a demand of ransom against encrypted files. After infiltrate into targeted computer, TrueCrypt Ransomware uses transparent On-The-Fly encryption of files in respect of FDE (Full Disk Encryption) scenario. It means, the ransomware infection encrypt all file stored on victims