10 New Features of Windows 10 OS

10 New Features of Windows 10 OS

Once Windows 8, the next version of Windows from Microsoft will be Windows 9, it was a guess, but Microsoft launched Windows, 10. Terry Myerson, which is the executive vice-president of Microsoft’s operating system group, to talk about this awesome name – “Windows 9 name “would not be right,” received a new One Microsoft internal strategy. Thus, the transition to Windows 10 “. Many Windows operating system enthusiasts want to know “What’s new in Windows 10?”. Presenting here for Windows 10, the best feature that you want to check first.

  • Start Menu – Microsoft Windows 10 to pay back for one of the biggest mistake in Windows 8, returning back to your start menu in the lower left corner of the desktop. The new thing is that the Start menu is now open in mixtures dash Metro Start screen functionality with the sprinkling of live tiles in Windows. You can disable this feature Live tile, if you want, and even detach all Metro apps from the Start menu, returning it to a purely desktop-oriented reputation. Or you can select the Start menu open in full screen, and change the size of the application to re-create a Metro Windows 8-like experience.

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  • It is free – one of the most appropriable story applies to Windows 10, it is completely free to update. Microsoft announced in January event in Redmond, it is easily accessible without any cost for the first year, and we hope to extend it further for Window 8 and 8.1 users. Possibility of free upgrade is also available for Windows 7 users.

  • Edge Web Browser – How ever Internet Explorer still succeed to find a corner in Windows 10, but it is not only to solve the compatibility problems, but the new browser is called the edge of a star of the Internet show a new operating company Microsoft system. This web browser is designed to provide high speed, smoothness and drifts with the modern Internet. Cortana pops up with more information while you search on the Internet, for example, Yelp reviews, and Bing Maps directions, when you look at the restaurant’s website. Digital drawing tools make it easy to mark up the site and share it with others. And finally, the Edge also includes an amazing clutter sweep reading mode and allows you to save articles to read additional application for further reading list.

  • Action Center – Notifications are one of the most attractive features of modern operating systems, with pop-ups reminding you of all kinds of useful information. Windows 8 has them, but these notifications are gone forever, as soon as they disappeared from the screen, the question if you do not actively sitting in front of your computer when one popped up. Windows 10 cures this problem with its new Action Center. How to slide the notification in the field of view, they are archived here. Action Center also quick action buttons for common functions such as activation of Bluetooth or a virtual private network connection, as well as an option to switch the interface to tablet mode.

  • Revamped core applications – – Windows 10 introduces a redesigned mail and calendar applications that are significantly better than their counterparts for Windows 8. While Windows 8 applications have been miserable, Windows 10 options are quick and responsive, and they are able to accommodate much More information on the screen at the same time to be friendly and cursors mice thick fingers so. New applications are also dynamically shift their interfaces to fit nicely in the windows of all shapes and sizes.

  • Appendix Mail adds swipe gesture controls so that you can quickly sort in the box with just a few swipes and what each does napkins user configurable, too. But more important for usability, modernized applications include key functionality that was missing in their predecessors for Windows 8: POP support for email in the email application on Windows 10, as well as support for Google Calendar in your calendar.

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